Beer and posing in Las Vagas

(Joe on the first morning, embracing the surrounding enviroment/culture). We arrived in our giant glass pyramidical home and decided to dump our cases in our swanky ass room, shower and ‘hit the casino’. Yeah, we had no idea how to gamble. Laurence won $40 on a slot machine on his first go, bought a $38 […]

Stretch to Sin City

We woke up feeling as though we were on set for a totally brill┬áJohn Wayne movie, mainly bcos laurence had a hanky tied round his neck the whole time we were there and wouldn’t stop shouting “ride ’em, cowboy”. It didn’t matter how fabulous he looked however, as we decided that it was time to […]


The next morning around 0730 we awoke to this. Our next drive was through Oklahoma and into the mountains of Colorado. We passed from the dry Texan plains to the massive flat expanses of Oklahoma and Southern Colorado farm lands where, for as far as the eye can see, there was nothing but crops, long […]

I Left My Tooth In Palo Duro

We were very sad to be leaving Austin after only a couple nights of being there. Being only a day or two away from ending our trip, whilst writing this post, we can say with some confidence that the only mistake we made whilst planning our trip was not giving ourselves enough time there. The […]