Stretch to Sin City


We woke up feeling as though we were on set for a totally brill John Wayne movie, mainly bcos laurence had a hanky tied round his neck the whole time we were there and wouldn’t stop shouting “ride ’em, cowboy”. It didn’t matter how fabulous he looked however, as we decided that it was time to push on to the flamboyant land of lights, dollar signs, deals, gambling and debauchery: Las Vagas. Our journey there was long and we had to cross through the remaining miles of Utah (without catching the plague), then Arizona and finally through Nevada to Las Vagas (without catching clamydia).


One thing you might find about driving across the United States is you’re usually accompanied by a freight train of some description, which is a very ‘American’ feeling to have- crossing the continent together. Headed, most likely to different destinations, but for those few miles you’re on the same route parallel with each other. As we both travelled across the wide expanses of desert headed west together, we couldn’t help but feel similar to the settlers that underwent the same ritual hundreds of years ago. Cept we were playin’ Notorious B.I.G in our sweg mobile with 4 wheel drive n they were probly singin some rubbish tune in their horse n cart. Losers.

It was soon getting dark and as we moved into Nevada we began driving along an awesome stretch of byway.


At around 10pm we finally arrived at Las Vagas, and we were staying in the giant glass pyramid. With a sphinx infront of it. and a light shining out of the top of it. There was also a guy on the Sphinx’s chest too which was pretty rad.




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