Following the FBI and onto Utah (and the bubonic plague)

After waking from our chilly snooze in the mountains we figured we should probably push on before shit got too Brokeback. Our next destination to set up camp was the deserts of Utah, a state which we had been warned about ‘You British better watch out in Utah… you can still catch the Bubonic plague there… and we all know how that shit fucked you guys up a couple hundred years ago’. So after letting our TENT THAW OUT FROM BEING FROZEN (yup, that’s a thing) we decided to head on our way.


We decided to stop for lunch in the historic town of Durango, CO before hitting up Utah. The 3 things we learnt here are:

– They got great burgers (what else is new)

– Laurence always gets short changed there

– It’s mad easy to get weed

Upon penetrating the boarder to the state of Utah the landscape changed pretty dramatically to deserts and awkwardly posing English boys.




After this picture was taken we decided to head off. Forgetting Laurence’s £100 Fred Perry Jacket was on top of the roof, we set off only for us to see it blowing away in the wind in our rear view mirror. so naturally we had to administer a few 80’s hand-break turns in slow motion and a short car chase montage to reunite Laurence with his stupid jacked.

After being stuck behind an FBI car for like wayyyyy too long it wasn’t long before we were getting into John Ford territory. Red stone structures and desolate desert plains.


What we were really looking forward to to was driving down the road from the film ‘Forrest Gump’, specifically the part where he famously stopped running. We reached this spot ‘Monument Valley Road’ in the early evening and it was very impressive (almost as impressive as Laurence’s ability to avoid driving at all throughout the duration of the trip).



(lol… ^ )

It was not far passed this monument that we were to set up camp. So after a short drive we arrived at our digs for the night. Here we met Robert who, although we were most definitely in Navajo territory (which means no booze at all), still offered us some moonshine. so we made a new friend.


(Above is the view from our tent…)


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