The next morning around 0730 we awoke to this.


Our next drive was through Oklahoma and into the mountains of Colorado. We passed from the dry Texan plains to the massive flat expanses of Oklahoma and Southern Colorado farm lands where, for as far as the eye can see, there was nothing but crops, long extensions of simple barbed wire fences and telegraph polls dividing and connecting the country.


Around here the nearest gas station was 60 miles away.


Eventually the landscape turn to pine and strings of small quaint Colorado towns taking us higher and higher towards the mountains.


We finally reached a log cabin hotel on the edge of the Rio Grande National Park. Once checked in, we went for a short hike. Then cooked up some dayumm good steaks.



The following two days were meant to be spent in the Grand Canyon National Park camping but due to the totally un-brill government shut down this wouldn’t be possible. After a short drive down highway 160 which winds through the Rio Grande National Park, we agreed this was too amazing to leave just yet. We went to get food and beer then drove back down and found a dirt road that went into the National Park that was still open.

Driving up it for a few miles we were in the middle of pine trees, rivers and mountains. We set up camp off the beaten track next to some trees and a River, cracked open the bourbon we bought in Kentucky along with some beers and got vveerryy drunk…





The next morning Laurence told me that during the night he woke to hear a black bear, only to realise after panicking for a minute that it was only me snoring.

We both awoke at 6am to -2*C and shifted to the car, turned the engine on with full heat AC and heated seats. Web we looked at our tent later it still had ice all over it…


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