I Left My Tooth In Palo Duro

We were very sad to be leaving Austin after only a couple nights of being there. Being only a day or two away from ending our trip, whilst writing this post, we can say with some confidence that the only mistake we made whilst planning our trip was not giving ourselves enough time there. The Auzzies stayed for five more days after us and we both agreed that we should have stuck with them, even if they are bloody Australian. But with reservations made in Colorado and Palo Duro Canyon to visit as a stop off en route, we pressed on through Texas.
We drove through many small Texan towns and stopped in Abilene for some Mexican food. Whilst having a look around we saw a gun store. So we went in.


We asked the owner what firearms the average Texan has in their home. He said “Usually people have at least one rifle. And a shotgun. Maybe a fully automatic machine gun. And a couple of handguns… Maybe a knife.”



Then we ate some Mexican food. Which was nice.

Realising we didn’t have a lot of time we pushed on to Palo Duro state park and on our was drove along side our first freight train which sounds like a weird thing to say.. But it’s pretty bbrriillll.

Unlike the national parks, Palo Duro state park wasn’t affected by the government shut down. It’s the second biggest canyon in America and we just got there in time or sun down which was: TOTALLY BRILL.


The steep winding dirt roads that lead to the campsite were slow and had a sheer drop on one side so by the time we actually parked up and started putting up our tent it was pitch black. Using our car headlamps we managed it pretty quick but were getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Once in the tent however we had a nice cooler box with meat left over from the Salt Lick House, some snacks and two 40oz Colt 45s each. No zig zags though unfortunately…

It was on one of these trusty three dollar 40oz bottles that I chipped off a bit of my tooth that landed somewhere in the tent and was brushed outside onto the desert floor the next morning. So, for the rest of time, there will be a piece of me in Texas. Which is quite brill.


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