Nawwwwlins: Louis Armstrong (Not The Moon Guy) And The Will Smith Who Wasn’t Getting ‘Jiggy With It’

With only a couple of days left in Nawlins we hit up Louis Armstrong Park, the place where African slaves congregated from the 17 and 1800s and is quite literally where jazz music was born.


We then went to Preservation Hall to listen to some traditional New Orleans jazz excellently performed by the Preservation Hall Jazz Group.

The evening was made extra special when the father of a family who we got talking to whilst queuing up outside found the trumpet players name ‘Will Smith’ somewhat humerus. The trumpet player, maybe being in his late 50s, early 60s was a talented player but slow moving. At the end of one slow number where the trumpet player (who had been singing) fragilely sat down, the slightly drunken dad of the family quietly pipes up ‘Mmwell he’s not getting jiggy with it.’ To which his sober wife whispers ‘For God’s sake shut up!’



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