Everything Is Bigger In Texas.

We were a little burry eyed the morning of our departure from New Orleans. Six nights of lots of drinking, food and music and drinking had taken it’s toll and it was time for us to leave, for our own safety if not for anything else. Just before we left Kenny asked us if we had a good time. When we said we did he told us that not long ago a kid came through New Orleans like a whirlwind, doing everything he could in his short stay there, a few days later he was burnt out and was leaving to return home. On his way out the door Kenny asked him if he had a good time to which he smiled and replied yes. Kenny said that he asked him if he had learnt anything during his short but eventful stay, the kid replied: ‘Don’t drink drinks with violent names. Hand Grenades, Tornados, Slammers, Whirlpools, Fireballs… Leave them alone!” After six nights of New Orleans, we couldn’t agree more. Kenny said “Make sure you two come home again soon. Home being New Orleans…” And with that we left New Orleans behind us as we set off west to Austin Texas.

After a good nine hour drive through swamps and small East Texas towns we arrived in Austin. Too tired to do anything and still hanging from the previous night we hit the hay. The following morning however we messages the Aussies Josh and Jarrod who were staying in the same Austin hostel as us and we went to Barton Springs lake to have a swim. That evening however, we we went to experience the very reason people say ‘Everything is bigger in Texas’. The Salt Lick House just south of Austin is another spot featured on Man Vs Food for its immense BBQ pit.


This was and still is, one of, if not THE best meal I’ve ever had. Choosing the buffet option the four of us went through three huge plates of sausages, ribs, brisket and burnt ends with sides of Texas beans, slaw and bread.


That was worth the trip alone. We could barely fit in the car on the way back to the hostel.


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