Naaaaawlins: Throwing Alligators, Seafood and Trombones

We went to ‘Mothers’ restaurant for a classic New Orleans food staple; the Po Boy.

Featured on Man Vs Food, Mothers boasts a good sandwich. So we ordered an oyster and a shrimp Po Boy

and sat next to a picture of Adam Richman’s face. You know, the food fanatic who’s held nearly every job in the restaurant industry…

Later, whilst enjoying a cold beverage in our hostel, we became friends with an older guy named Kenny who is part of the India House Hostel in some way.

A proper sound bloke, and a Louisiana boy through and through, he told us all about the history of New Orleans and recommended we take a tour of the swamps. So we did. Whilst booking it however, a middle aged Texan called ‘Bill’ got talking to us and asked if he could tag along, we didn’t mind so we agreed. It wasn’t till about 5 minutes later he turned out to be one of the most boring people we’ve ever met. Even with ADHD and a sugar addiction (always carrying one or two milkshakes with him at all times) he was still boring. Upon arrival the three of us were taken on a big airboat by a huge Cajun guy who navigated through alligator infested bayous and open swamp lands. At one point, with a giant splash, he got into the water and swam nose to nose with an alligator. Then he picked it up and threw it. He threw an alligator across the water without being eaten by it afterwards. Like. It. Wasn’t. No. Thang. (All the while boring Bill was telling anyone who’d listen about some moss that was currently growing on his jet ski back home).

One night after some totally brill deep fried shrimp and catfish at a joint called Deanie’s, we walked out to the distant sounds of a proper New Orleans jazz brass band procession. Even though we were so damn full of food, we ran to find it and caught up on Bourbon St to have a bloody good dance.





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