The Great River Road: On Our Way To Nawlins

In the wee hours of the morning we left Memphis, Tennessee for our long drive down the Mississippi River through two states; Mississippi and Louisiana which would take us to our next destination, a city known to be quite different from the rest of the United States, New Orleans. Once we were fuelled up on waffles and bacon we hit the byways to get a sense of small town life in the Southern United States.
The remaining miles through Tennessee were massive expanses of farm land with no houses in sight

Mississippi turned greener and we began driving next to lakes and smaller rivers. The small towns we drove through looked very shut off to the rest of the country, with there pretty much being a church for every home…


Our intent was to avoid interstate highways and to drive on the more scenic routes. This was taken to the extreme in Louisiana as for miles and miles we were travelling on a dusty road past old dilapidated wooden houses sporting front porches with rocking chairs and hanging dead animals. Beautifully strange as it was We could almost hear the squealing pigs in the distance… Almost.

Getting hungry at this point we took to the highway briefly to find a food stop and searching on our Sat Nav we saw “KFC 10 miles”. So we followed the instructions to exit the highway and started driving through an industrial town that time forgot. It seemed like we’d gone back to the 1980’s and were in a mixture of Deliverance and Twin Peaks… Thinking we just have to get in, get our food and get out, we carried on with a few miles to go. The roads were getting more and more unkempt and increasingly isolated from civilisation. We were sure that if there was a KFC at the end of this route, it wouldn’t be one to spend any longer in than we had to. With half a mile to go things got a little ‘off road’. Looking at each other not knowing what to expect, we took the penultimate turning to end up on the edge of a tiny little community of about 2 dozen wooden houses. We would have turned around and left ASAP but there was a one way system for some pointless reason considering just how small and quiet this place was, so, still following directions from our clearly delusional Sat Nav we had to drive into it and came to a dumb struck stop at our destination. The ‘KFC’ was nothing more than what looked like the oldest house in the community. Nearly falling down and clearly deserted, we were fairly certain we wouldn’t be able to get a Zinger Box Meal here.
As we pulled off, an elderly gentleman entering his house across the dirt track road slowly smiled and gave us a gentle wave.


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