Fireworks and Failed Country Music Stars

Our first morning in Nashville was where we met Rob, a Londoner, and Sebastian from Germany. They were sharing our hostel room Downtown and invited us to watch the Titans verses the Chargers NFL game. So off we went, although we were confused as to what the hell was going on during the game and couldn’t believe how many times the game stopped and started, one thing could definitely be said to be true; for an average Sunday game, NFL has the most grand and over the top pre game rituals. With an American flag the size of the pitch, cheerleaders, celebrated army personel, fireworks, formation helicopters, celebrity bands and a guest singer the round it all off with the national anthem accompanied by more fireworks, it certainly was… Mental.
Afterwards, Laurence, Rob and I went for many many drinks and ended up in a place called The Stage, a country music venue (which is, essentially, what every building in Nashville tends to be) singing along with the cowboys and failed country music stars.
We found out that night that Rob was heading west to Memphis the next day like us so we offered him a seat in our car. He declined having already bought a 5am coach there but told us to email him once we were there and we’d meet up for a drink.
The next morning, after waking up late and unable to find a pancake house or breakfast bar, we made the decision to eat ‘The Best Burger Ever’. A meal that tied me over until -no joke- 4pm the next day…



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