Studio time

Last night in DC meant studio time set up by Chauncy at Wonka Beats’ studio with Tokyo Daimo. After hanging around the Wendy’s opposite the studio trying not to get shot for a while, Laurence and I went to a coffee shop over the road where we we’re met by Chauncy. He was glad to see us as he didn’t find us in front of Wendy’s where we organised to meet and said ‘Shit I was worried, I though they gotchu man! I thought you’d got shot already!’ … Whiiiiiiich was reassuring.
Then music happeneddddd.

Buuuut it all kicked off after we went to the ‘liquor store’ and it soon became a little party.

After this I gotta a slice of pizza the size of the shop that sold it to me and tried to feed it to this other guy staying in our hostel. He didn’t want any though. Maybe because I wasn’t paying attention when I was putting herbs on it and covered it in Oregano n shit.

~ J Sneezy


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