Big Balls and a Sunrise

Our first night in DC saw us in the Adams Morgan area of north west Washington. This area immediately reminded us of Stokes Croft.. If the pavements were clean… aaaand didn’t have crusty blokes falling on you to see if you’d lend em a quid for another bottle of white ace. Which, to be fair, is half the fun of the place. Quite literally on our doorstep we ate some great food (Philly cheese steak sandwich and patty melt) and went over the road to Mellow Mushroom for a few local ales, craft beers and bourbons. There we met bartender Rex and a guy called John that sat at the bar with us who said, “If you guys like music man, you gadda check out Madam’s on the other side of the street.” So we then moved to the little joint across the road for a brilliant roots and blues evening. Discounting the great band, the best thing about this place was definitely the goat with the big balls. As pictured above. Laurence went to sleep and I wondered around for a bit talking to people and trying to find somewhere that would sell me a tinnie..
This morning at 7am I awoke to this.

Which was nice.

-Joowe Snouc


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