Let's go this way

After blind folding Luawrince’s cat ‘Peanut’, painting it’s paws and dropping her on big map of the U.S.A, we had sorted our route. The ‘plan’ seems to be as follows:

After swiftly rinsing Virgin Airways of all their booze and thrown peanuts at everyone’s inflight entertainment screens (no popcorn available) we shall be collapsing into Washington D.C and staying with some good friends in Maryland till the 20th. Then some guy, who clearly doesn’t realise he is making a giant mistake, gives us the keys to a big 4×4 and stupidly lets us drive it for a month… From then we set off to Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and finally California, the first state to legalise medicinal marijuana and the ONLY place to have employed The Terminator as their governor.

Place your bets where the first and last roadside pee-break will be. The closest guess gets the money we didn’t win in Las Vagas.

~Josif Snuck


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